Kids with Hemophilia A require weekly infusions to replace clotting factor in their blood. Infusions are painful for the kids and stressful for parents, especially when these young patients fidget while Mom or Dad is trying to insert the needle. Our challenge was to give parents a way to keep their kids still and engaged during infusions while teaching them the importance of infusions.

We created a VR experience called Captain Fusion and The Protectors, a mini series of action-packed episodes that sync to these 5-minute infusions. Kids will be transported into the driver seat of a flying pod that takes them on adventures where they join forces with Captain Fusion, Iron Knee and Doctor Factor as they zoom through the bloodstream and stop Crimson Commander and his Swarm from creating more bleeds during the infusion.

The VR app is available for download on Apple and Google Play.

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Client: Healthcare Brand

Agency: FCB Chicago